Short Term Danish Bonds - KL A

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Investment Strategy

The fund invest so that the overall interest rate risk is low, the average modified duration must be below 3 years. Hence the fund is the natural choice for an investor who wishes a safe investment as an alternative to a cash deposit. Positions are only taken in bonds denominated in Danish kroner, and by high-quality issuers as the Danish government, Danish mortgage institutions, and similar with equivalent credit quality. Considering the current low yield environment, the focus is on capital preservation and the strategy will be very cautious.


Short TermBenchmark
1 year3 years5 yearsLifetime

Annual Returns

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Short Term-0.38-0.460.110.431.271.55-0.910.971.964.054.523.698.535.73

Short Term Returns

%1 week1 month3 months6 months
Short Term-0.15-0.33-0.37-0.28

Long Term Returns

%Year to Date1 year3 years ann.5 years ann.Since inception ann.
Short Term-0.38-0.66-0.030.462.32

Risk Figures

3 years5 years10 years
Standard Deviation0.740.651.01

Risk Indicator

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7


AdvisorHP Fondsmæglerselskab
AdministratorNykredit Portefølje Administration
Inception Date28-12-2007
DepositoryNykredit Bank
Risk indicatorYellow
NAV (in mio. DKK)781.96 DKK
Investment HorizonMinimum 1 year
Income DistributingYes
Risk indicatorYellow
NAV (in mio. DKK)781.96 DKK
Investment HorizonMinimum 1 year
Income DistributingYes


BenchmarkNordea GCM 2Y IR DKK 35% + Nordea MCM 3Y 65%


Entry charges0.10%
Exit charges0.10%
Indirect transaction costs0.00%
Performance Fee0.00%
Ongoing charges0.40%


22 Jan 20210.50100 DKK
24 Jan 20200.70100 DKK
25 Jan 20181.30100 DKK
17 Jan 20170.80100 DKK
4 May 20151.30100 DKK
1 May 20143.10100 DKK
22 Apr 20134.00100 DKK
27 Apr 20122.50100 DKK
18 Apr 20112.25100 DKK
30 Sep 20101.75100 DKK
26 Apr 20104.25100 DKK
24 Sep 20091.75100 DKK
1 May 20092.25100 DKK


Denmark (Kingdom Of) 0.1%DKK16.51%DK0009922916
Nykredit Realkredit A/S 0.2%DKK16.34%DK0009515959
Foroya Landsstyri 0.5%DKK13.62%DK0030381223
Jyske Realkredit A/SDKK9.41%DK0009398893
Danmarks Skibskredit A/S 0.46%DKK9.30%DK0004131869
Foroya Landsstyri 0.12%DKK8.24%DK0030467022
Realkredit Danmark A/S 3%DKK7.28%DK0009289845
Foroya Landsstyri 0.62%DKK7.25%DK0030400700
Realkredit Danmark A/S 2%DKK6.52%DK0004606563
Realkredit Danmark A/S 0%DKK5.54%DK0009275703


Fact Sheet

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HP Fondsmæglerselskab
Kronprinsessegade 18, 1
1306 København